Devastating exchange between USS and Space Invaders

The ongoing war between the two largest clans, Space Invaders and USS turned a another devastating page today with severe casualties on both sides.

The recent heavy raiding activity by USS in US Finch 1 snared and destroyed an SI battleship. But later in the day, SI retaliated, cornering and annihilating one of the USS central economic ships, along with other exchanges.

Early in the day numerous USS warships cornered and annihilated the heavily armed SECRET WEAPON, an SI flagship. A fully automatic battleship, this would have been a major loss for SI, representing a large lost investment in flux and resources, as well as firepower significant at a faction level.

The high tech, heavily armed SI battleship SECRET WEAPON before its destruction.
Several USS attack ships destroy the SI battleship SECRET WEAPON.

However, SI were soon to retaliate. Later in the day, an attack group of SI warships led by Schwingen cornered USS Fuel Tanker, a crucial USS economic vessel – fuel store for the faction. A source from inside the faction gave the amount of fuel on board at over 10,000 units, an assessment corroborated by witnesses at the scene of the attack. In addition to this it was an advanced ship itself with valuable technology including flux based. At the time piloted alone by Cpl. Cardiolog, it was trapped at the bottom of Sparrow and ripped to shreds.

An attempt by USS veterans to counter the loss ended in tragedy for them. Seeking revenge, ship ~~~Feel The Pulse~~~ sought out the attackers, targetting poorly defended loot ships such as the SI Space Looter. However, it to was trapped by the Schwingen and destroyed in a further defeat.

~~~Feel The Pulse~~~ is destroyed attempting to retaliate for the loss of USS Fuel Tanker

Officers of both factions were contacted for comment by Drednews.

Speaking on behalf of USS, Chrona gave the following statements:

MM was probably the MVP on our side for killing the Secret Weapon. Skysea’s hulk was also quite helpful, considering it was [our] only punch ship in that fight (on the anti SI side). And I also like to imagine that Klisi helped a little, even though all [I] did was steal flux, shoot thrusters, and scare away the punch ships. (Also I would like to say that SI called me a spy/enemy in their discord, so frick them)

– Officer Chrona of the USS regarding the attack on SECRET WEAPON of SI

Before feel the pulse got completely raped, we’d gone out and nearly gotten raped because moss/freak/ash left and afk’d [“away from keyboard”] on helm. Luckily we kinda saved the ship in fp [Freeport], and then moss was a ******* ****** and went out again to commit suicide. I (think I) told moss not to go back out. Also the ******* idiot had us target the looter, not the ship that did damage. The ******* looter.

– Officer Chrona of the USS regarding the loss of ~~~Feel The Pulse~~~ to SI

Cpl Cardiolog, captain of the USS Fuel Tanker at the time of the attack, had this to say:

I can’t believe they ruined my precious ship, Curse SI for this.

– Cpl Cardiolog

With a laissez-faire fairly typical of SI, senior leadership of the faction played down the loss of SECRET WEAPON. SI responded tersely when asked for an official statement:

USS ******* suck

– [≜👾]Redike333 of SI

Drednews investigation also uncovered fallout with the the USS faction after their losses, not uncommon in the arguably most political organisation within Drednot. ≘ SkySea ≘ accused Cpl Cardiolog, only crew on board the USS Fuel Tanker when it was attacked, of incompetence and deliberate sabotage. Cpl Cardiolog retorted with accusations of abandonment during the critical time. After the exchange the consensus seemed to fall against Cpl Cardiolog with talk of official demotion. Llama was also mentioned critically, with talk of his expulsion from the alliance.

As to the future, despite the heavy losses, it seems this exchange will not make a significant setback to the power of either faction, nor their belligerence. If anything, it could perhaps only be expected to sustain their animosity.


5 thoughts on “Devastating exchange between USS and Space Invaders”

  1. MM will fall apart because their leader (Donovan) has way too much confidence and toxicity. He will challenge anyone (including allies) if he feels like. They recently killed a BGI ship which they are allied to. SI don’t have to do anything, Donovan will kill his own clan.


    1. I (wrxt): can agree, The effect of there leadership has been trickling down though into caps on there ships, like so far Uss liberty (my ship) has been attacked once so far, and that was when i was when they stole a kill from me, like i had the ship pinned and they decided it was a good idea to try and pin me as well. They offenders were 2 mm ships, a scattershot and a puncher. Needless to say I made them run back to germany


  2. Feel The Pulse was in my pulser miniclan. Only if OG pulser was there at the time. 😀 seems like an intresting battle



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