About Drednews


Drednews loves all contributions, whether it is anonymous tip offs of insider info, full article contributions, or simply comments on our pages.

If you do want to contribute, we greatly appreciate it. If you would like to contribute a complete article, we will be happy to pay you a small fee of metal (in game currency) via dredbank, and credit you on the article.

If you provide what we consider to be exceptionally valuable spying information, there is a chance we could make an in game donation for that too.

Thank you to all contributors and readers!

Reporting policy

Our policy is that spying and scouting is a fun part of the drednot world. But we have some policies that limit what we report.

We receive game information from numerous sources, including our dredbank reporters, both official and undercover, and from players, ones we know and anonymously. The trust in our reporters is extremely valuable to us. Our own reporters may report anything they could see as a regular drednot user. However, we will not report anything our reporters find out through trust they have been given by another player (such as crew on a ship or member of a private server), unless that player gives permission. However, if we receive information from someone outside our team, we may report it even if it is secret, since it does not take advantage of the trust given to our reporters. We keep the identities of all sources confidential.

Although spying in the game is fun, it’s not fun to invade people’s privacy in the real world. So our policy is we will report anything that happens in the drednot world, or solely about the drednot world. But we do not report about things outside the drednot world. Also all our reporting should follow the usage terms of drednot itself. If you think something is not appropriate, please get in touch with us via the contact form.


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