USS Alliance announces new currency plans

The USS Alliance has announced a plan to create a new in-game currency, the USS Fleet Dollar (USSD). GeneralB, leader in the USS Alliance explained the plans:

The USS Fleet will back up the currency will both its military might and via rare items, such as RCs, golden shredders, and legacy fabs. It will allow people to also purchase items from the USS, once we fully set up this system. This system is now backed up 100% by rare items, with the USS Fleet planning to make a stock market for drednot, and a system to purchase in-game items. The USSD is now used by the USS Fleet as a method of funding itself, and for buying ships.

– GeneralB, leader in the USS Alliance
The logo for the USS Treasury Dept., created for the purpose of managing the new USSD

Casino Madness! has the exclusive scoop on a breaking story. US is getting it’s first new casino – but it’s not just getting one, it’s getting two at the same time!

Two brand new competing casinos are under construction, 2E9D 🎲FishMoon Casino🎲 in Freeport I and B495 Lucky Day Casino in Freeport II, to open imminently.

These new ventures were doubtless inspired to the hugely successful recently opened casino in EU, 💰🎰Casino🎰💰. has spoken to the owners of both casinos prior to their opening and can confirm they are each aware of each other and 💰🎰Casino🎰💰.

The initial work on both casinos is very grand, with FishMoon already sporting a huge dice statue reminiscent of 💰🎰Casino🎰💰‘s enormous $. They will doubtless bring the US leisure venues to a new level, which it has has a reputation of being slightly behind EU until now.

Obviously more news on these upcoming major competing businesses is hotly anticipated and guarantees we will get it to you first!

The Casino is Open!

The first ever casino has opened today in drednot.

The new casino, opened in EU Freeport II today by mega KOT, DefinatForeman and TheYEETS, promises to be a major addition to the entertainment attractions of drednot.

For more information please check out classified listing of the business: 💰🎰Casino🎰💰

Currently offered, before the official premier opening, visitors can play the 50 doors game and win serious prizes, including jackpots with RCs. Later additional games are promised and clearly set out in their blueprint.

The stakes are very real, so if you have wealth then why not have a thrill, and if not, visitors are welcome to spectate from the opulent bar, and enjoy the excitement of the atmosphere.

Rumours of new bank in US Freeport I

Rumours are circulating of a major new bank coming soon to US Freeport I.

Sources suggest a new partnership of current major banks and trading corporations is behind the activity. The word is that they plan to provide much bigger banking facilities than are currently available in US, similar to those available in EU.

Keep aware for developments on this issue, and of course will will keep you informed of any new information!