Devastating exchange between USS and Space Invaders

The ongoing war between the two largest clans, Space Invaders and USS turned a another devastating page today with severe casualties on both sides.

The recent heavy raiding activity by USS in US Finch 1 snared and destroyed an SI battleship. But later in the day, SI retaliated, cornering and annihilating one of the USS central economic ships, along with other exchanges.

Early in the day numerous USS warships cornered and annihilated the heavily armed SECRET WEAPON, an SI flagship. A fully automatic battleship, this would have been a major loss for SI, representing a large lost investment in flux and resources, as well as firepower significant at a faction level.

The high tech, heavily armed SI battleship SECRET WEAPON before its destruction.
Several USS attack ships destroy the SI battleship SECRET WEAPON.

However, SI were soon to retaliate. Later in the day, an attack group of SI warships led by Schwingen cornered USS Fuel Tanker, a crucial USS economic vessel – fuel store for the faction. A source from inside the faction gave the amount of fuel on board at over 10,000 units, an assessment corroborated by witnesses at the scene of the attack. In addition to this it was an advanced ship itself with valuable technology including flux based. At the time piloted alone by Cpl. Cardiolog, it was trapped at the bottom of Sparrow and ripped to shreds.

An attempt by USS veterans to counter the loss ended in tragedy for them. Seeking revenge, ship ~~~Feel The Pulse~~~ sought out the attackers, targetting poorly defended loot ships such as the SI Space Looter. However, it to was trapped by the Schwingen and destroyed in a further defeat.

~~~Feel The Pulse~~~ is destroyed attempting to retaliate for the loss of USS Fuel Tanker

Officers of both factions were contacted for comment by Drednews.

Speaking on behalf of USS, Chrona gave the following statements:

MM was probably the MVP on our side for killing the Secret Weapon. Skysea’s hulk was also quite helpful, considering it was [our] only punch ship in that fight (on the anti SI side). And I also like to imagine that Klisi helped a little, even though all [I] did was steal flux, shoot thrusters, and scare away the punch ships. (Also I would like to say that SI called me a spy/enemy in their discord, so frick them)

– Officer Chrona of the USS regarding the attack on SECRET WEAPON of SI

Before feel the pulse got completely raped, we’d gone out and nearly gotten raped because moss/freak/ash left and afk’d [“away from keyboard”] on helm. Luckily we kinda saved the ship in fp [Freeport], and then moss was a ******* ****** and went out again to commit suicide. I (think I) told moss not to go back out. Also the ******* idiot had us target the looter, not the ship that did damage. The ******* looter.

– Officer Chrona of the USS regarding the loss of ~~~Feel The Pulse~~~ to SI

Cpl Cardiolog, captain of the USS Fuel Tanker at the time of the attack, had this to say:

I can’t believe they ruined my precious ship, Curse SI for this.

– Cpl Cardiolog

With a laissez-faire fairly typical of SI, senior leadership of the faction played down the loss of SECRET WEAPON. SI responded tersely when asked for an official statement:

USS ******* suck

– [≜👾]Redike333 of SI

Drednews investigation also uncovered fallout with the the USS faction after their losses, not uncommon in the arguably most political organisation within Drednot. ≘ SkySea ≘ accused Cpl Cardiolog, only crew on board the USS Fuel Tanker when it was attacked, of incompetence and deliberate sabotage. Cpl Cardiolog retorted with accusations of abandonment during the critical time. After the exchange the consensus seemed to fall against Cpl Cardiolog with talk of official demotion. Llama was also mentioned critically, with talk of his expulsion from the alliance.

As to the future, despite the heavy losses, it seems this exchange will not make a significant setback to the power of either faction, nor their belligerence. If anything, it could perhaps only be expected to sustain their animosity.


Moonwalkers and Space Invaders pillage 33333’s storage ship

A squad of Moonwalkers and Space Invaders ships have attacked and looted 33333’s fully loaded cargo ship.

The attack happened in US Sparrow and the reason was stated as retribution for harassment by 33333 of mining operations in the pits. Estimates of the cargo looted have been agreed by both sides to be around 3000s0 metal 1000s0 explosives, 400 auto turrets, 350 burst turrets, 20 balls and 10 handheld pushers. A huge cargo by any standard, this may be the most valuable civilian ship looted so far.

The attacking force included ships Big Belly, Hunterboi, Goodboi, Dedicated Farmer, Container Ship, Mini Space Invaders and Seacoral. The ships HIT, Pirates Flag and STIG Immortal fought with the attacking force during the engagement. Needless to say, many independent scavengers were drawn to the wreckage as the battle proceeded.

33333’s cargo ship before and after it was pillaged.

33333 appeared to take the loss calmly and did not show a high level of hostility afterwards. It seems less likely that this battle, despite the value of the losses involved, will lead to a major feud of the kind seen during the Space Invaders – USS Alliance invasion.

Many thanks to Timmy for contributing information to this article, which has been independently verified by drednews.

USS Alliance leader General B announces retirement

Leader in the USS Alliance, GeneralB, has announced his departure Drednot. His full statement provided to Drednews is below.

I’m sad to announce that I’m now making plans to resign from USS and drednot entirely, I’ll be appointing a new fleet admiral as I leave. I leave due to the low PvP rates and the updates that have destroyed the game for me. I hope others will continue to find drednot fun, as I’ve done in the past. I’ll be moving with a good deal of USS to another game, the official link to the discord for it is Thanks to cogg for drednot.

– General B, departing USS Alliance leader

Space Invaders update on White Peace treaty

Due to high workload, this article has been delayed from the original submission date, 24th July 2019.

ThirstyHigger has posted this update regarding the communication between Space Invaders and USS relating to the White Peace treaty.

SI notes the rejection from USS and have also something to point out: How USS tries to manipulate by applying double standards.
If USS are getting new members it is because they are “welcoming”. If SI invite new people we do this because we are supposedly “worried about this war”. Anyone interested in joining this clan should consider this attempt to influence ones opinion.

– ThirstyHigger on behalf of Space Invaders

Eco-Terrorist Attack Devastates US


Eco-Terrorists have launched an unprecedented nuclear wrench bomb strike on US.

Just minutes ago, a series of nuclear wrench bomb detonations occurred in Finch II – US. Reports indicate that 3 bomb-ships were detonated. The attacks are certainly due to the widespread discontent with recent environmental changes. Specifically the ℵ24+ effect that has rendered in-hatch storage useless.

Raw livestream of the detonation

As can be seen in our photos from the scene of the disaster, damage has been extremely heavy and extensive. In a cruel irony, the lag fallout, which has long been a key complaint of environmental activists, has had a terrible effect, permeating the locality and making activities there almost impossible. The strength of the attack was so great the whole of US was inaccessible for a small time.

Direct responsibility for the attack has been claimed by 33333, with ⚓𝕮𝖆𝖕𝖙𝖆𝖎𝖓⚓ stating contribution to the preparation. Blame has also been placed on others, including the HIT group.

Despite the severity of the attack, cleanup efforts are already underway and having some effect. Although the damage of the attack looms large, it must be remembered that the wrench fallout can be highly valuable to industrial uses, and this will play into the recovery effort.

Harvesting of the fallout by Space Invaders

Ship owned by Timmy 2.0 dumping fallout into Freeport II. Reason unknown.

A new phenomenon was also observed, gathered from Drednews’ exclusive investigation tunnel. Wrench blocks in the fallout piles disappeared, seemingly at random. Whether this is a new phenomena of the ℵ24+ environmental changes, or unique to the fallout from this detonation, is yet to be seen.

Many thanks to Skuolls for helping capture some of the photography and reporting in this article.

USS response to White Peace treaty rejection

The USS Alliance has issued a response to the rejection and counter treaty by the Space Invaders to the USS Alliance White Peace treaty, provided exclusively to Drednews by GeneralB.

The USS Alliance refuses the treaty. The USS Alliance has been and will continue to be committed to providing support to allies, as well as players, both new and old. Recently, the USS launched the new player education program, designed to help players get better at drednot. The USS can also point out that the SI is worried about this war. The SI brought in around 20 people into the alliance on 06/23/2019, a sign that more then ever, the SI considers the USS a threat and is concerned. The USS remains committed to excellence and to being a welcoming alliance, unlike the SI. The USS is prepared for the long term and for war, and it urges all of those who wish to help to contact it.

– GeneralB on behalf of the USS Alliance

Official Space Invaders reply to USS Alliance White Peace treaty

ThirstyHigger has supplied the official reply to the USS Alliance White Peace treaty exclusively to Drednews. The reply is published in full here:

It has been brought to Space Invaders’ attention that ‘The First Coalition’ (of which all members except USS are unknown) has issued a public statement demanding a truce. The treaty has been written in a way that is only beneficial to USS, they fail to understand that additional conflict is only detrimental for them. Seemingly USS has been unable to ascertain the interest of SI and its allies. Furthermore USS are in no position to demand anything:

1. Most battles SI fought with USS and their allies ended with the withdrawal of the opponent or the destruction of their ship. SI has never lost any battleship even in situations where we got highly outnumbered.

2. The treaty shows no respect towards our ally [ʜɪ:] or to USS’ allies. HIT, Reaper, [ʜɪ:], SI and 0x have been the main participants in the ongoing war, USS did nothing to help their allies even in acute need. None of the names of these allies have been mentioned in the treaty.

3. USS was not able to protect their home server from a small group of people that started less than a month ago. The lack of competition due to only hunting beginners made them weak. Most of us, on the other hand, fought successfully against a team that some veterans of the US server may know as “Akra”.

But after all we have a counter-offer to make, we’d agree to a temporary cease-fire if USS meets the following conditions:

1. USS have to officially admit defeat in public to both SI and [ʜɪ:]. (Drednot Official/game-discussion and on

2. USS have to apologize to their allies for being a terrible ally, and for hunting beginners and promise to stop doing so. (Drednot Official/game-discussion and on

3. USS have to remove the word “Strongest” in all their ads.

– ThirstyHigger officially on behalf of Space Invaders

USS Alliance announces new currency plans

The USS Alliance has announced a plan to create a new in-game currency, the USS Fleet Dollar (USSD). GeneralB, leader in the USS Alliance explained the plans:

The USS Fleet will back up the currency will both its military might and via rare items, such as RCs, golden shredders, and legacy fabs. It will allow people to also purchase items from the USS, once we fully set up this system. This system is now backed up 100% by rare items, with the USS Fleet planning to make a stock market for drednot, and a system to purchase in-game items. The USSD is now used by the USS Fleet as a method of funding itself, and for buying ships.

– GeneralB, leader in the USS Alliance
The logo for the USS Treasury Dept., created for the purpose of managing the new USSD

Coalition of US groups issue White Peace ultimatum to Space Invaders

A coalition of US based groups calling themselves The First Coalition have issued an ultimatum to Space Invaders, the group that launched the savage invasion against leading US groups over the past weeks.

This official declaration, released exclusively to Drednews by General B, leader in the USS Alliance, one of the member groups of The First Coalition, demands Space Invaders accept a “White Peace” treaty (full text below).

Due to the communication blackout between The First Coalition groups and Space Invaders, to indicate their acceptance of the treaty Space Invaders are required to make a public statement on Drednot Official or Drednews.

The ultimatum requires that the Space Invaders step down now with the White Peace deal, or an unconditional surrender will be demanded. The Drednews team have information that there is a 48 hours deadline on acceptance of the White Peace deal.


Article 1:

   All aimed hostilities are called off, a demand that must be met by all parties in the deal. Note that a fight may still ensure, but so long as it’s not targeted, no actions are required. If targeted hostilities are found to be present, or plans with the intent of being carried out are to emerge, all terms are immediately called off. 

Article 2:

   The Coalition Aimed at destroying the SI is halted, with the parties involved remaining secret. The Coalition can maintain a defensive pact for solely defensive purposes against the SI (Mutual Defense Pact)

Article 3:

   By signing the deal, all parties involved MUST agree to the terms, violation from ANY of the involved parties will result in the immediate termination of the treaty for all parties. In the event signed, the USS-SI war will officially come to end, with no winner declared.

US War: USS Alliance announces Operation Orion

The USS Alliance has announced that it plans to deploy Operation Orion. Few facts about the operation are known, except that it is intended to finally defeat Space Invaders in the war that has been ravaging US. GeneralB, leader in the USS Fleet said “I don’t want to say what is contains so it’s not compromised, but I will say, that both HIT and Reapers are working with us in it.” The Operation according to GeneralB, will destroy the SI. He asks other groups to join in the coalition working against them.