Crime and security


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Scammers, thieves and vandals

Only reports from multiple players will be listed. These may not be the official opinions of!

  • F0EA 0z shop / Destroyer / Wrench Team
    Located in US Freeport II, involved in scamming and hijacking.
Crime video of “FOEA Destoryer (wrench team)storage” (now “0z shop”)
0z recorded in a sting operation
  • Quetzal and 6E78 Quetzal 2.0
    Notorious crime syndicate operating out of US Freeport II. Openly admits to extensive crimes including serial burglary, trade scams and vandalism.
  • DC41 Despacito storage ship
    Serial scammer and thief in US Freeport II.
  • Mudkip
    Repeat vandal


Ships that attack others without warning in the PVP zone. Only reports from multiple players will be listed.


14 thoughts on “Crime and security”

  1. Dark Trading and Destroyer(wrench team) Storage are also scammers.
    Due to an upcoming update ships will be able to change their names, so scammers will most likely take advantage of this to evade scammer lists.
    The Borg Fleet advises that everyone be wary of trading ships, and that they NEVER GIVE ALL THE ITEMS FIRST to a suspiciously eager or too-good-to-be-true trading ship.

    Please add “Borg Fleet” btw,
    Locutus of Borg


      1. Yeah, Darth Varos and I were going to work on a battleship together. I made the mistake of letting him create the ship. I provided all the rc turrets (a big mistake). He tild me to get all the loaders and I grew suspicious and then before I bould get the rc tturrets back he left and banned me. Total losses = 32 rc turrets and hundreds of glass blocks


  2. Greetings Drednews,

    I’d like to report THE LADS {2B72} as a scammer, last seen in Freeport II. He hasn’t been able to make off with obscene amounts as of yet, but he has repeatedly scammed others, often attempting to coerce newer players into trading (without payout, of course). I personally lost two RC before I got suspicious and attempted to bail. This loss does not bother me so much as that he is still at large, preying on others, and there is seemingly nothing I can do to stop it. My hope is that, together, we can expose him here, saving others from the pain.

    While I hope for the best in everyone, THE LADS {2B72} current actions are unacceptable, and most certainly to the detriment of drednot society. Please take action in keeping others from harm.

    Sources: Personal experience, conversation with other pilots in the freeport, and continued observation. Citing ‘Thief Scout’ as witness among others.

    Thank you for your time and discretion,


    1. Hey Leviathan! Thanks so much for your comment. I’m sorry, we are taking a break from editing Drednews just now. But at least your comment will still be visible here, to help anyone who comes to read the page.


    2. Very thorough, I am part of [TFS] and I wish to warn anyone out there to stay away. I got my storage destroyed and plundered by my own leader, Die in SSF.


  3. A guy called :gem: Tobias :gem: greifed my 4×4 while I was afk

    Also, don’t let SI near your storage, I’ve had to introduce new security measures after an attempted breakout by ThePianoman

    -Admiral Adam, Leader of the Dred Republic


  4. Tips if your new to trading, don’t go to ships without a full name. If they make their name their trades don’t go. They do that so they are hard to locate. I got 3 RC Turrets and 3 balls stolen by an unnamed ship, don’t let it happen to you.


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