12 thoughts on “Groups”

    1. Thank you for commenting! If you could give us the details such as main ships, main activities, main players, group leader, we will be happy to add the group.


    1. Hey CrimsonShad0w, we are taking a bit of a break right now, sorry. If we can get a bit of time together and start editing again we will be super happy to put you on.


      1. I am very new player but very interested in clan politics in this game. I have noticed that there are many large clans that are not in this article. I was also wondering about the status of USS, seeing that there are many USS vessels still in operation and they all seem to be working together in the fight for S1.


  1. Our main ships include Foxtrot, Ares, Immortal, M-1, M-2, F-1, and F-2. We were made from the ashes of USS, and thus we will continue fighting SI until victory is attained. Viva la resistance.


  2. I am CrimsonShad0w. Leader of the STig fleet. If you could add it to the list I would be grateful. We have the ships Ares, Foxtrot, Immortal, M1, M2, F1, and F2. Our main players are Yee, Valor, and [RAVEN] 3nvy.


  3. Union, also known as wahata is the dominant faction on Germany, and has ~20 ships, I feel quite offended that it is not on this list


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