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33 thoughts on “Homepage”

    1. Would it be a worthy enough news report that a new Drednot PMC is being formed by former USS members and present active members of other clans as well?


      1. I would rather not disclose anymore information hear that I need to, rather I would be more willing to give more details in a private interview in regards to this. Additionally, I am not at my home base right now, so I am also a bit limited in the amount of information I can give. If possible I would like to organize the said private interview with one of your staff in order to give a more in depth information dive in regards to the PMC


    1. Hi Sulkyboi. It’s possible. Our reporters are very busy so generally we will choose specific people to interview.


    1. Hey there Ender 🙂 Sorry, we are taking a little bit of a break at the moment. Thank you so much for your interest though. If we get a bit more time then it would be cool to come back to it.


  1. I’m from the [KS} Fleet and am proud to announce that I have opened a new memorial ship to USS for trading, and that KS is back from 3 months off and has lots of golden and legacy’s, from previous updates. I also have photos of a person with a reputable clan taking over a small ship and stealing the resources.


  2. I have info regarding business, and a USS memorial ship run by myself, [KS}, and [KS} is back after 3 months and have extensive legacy’s, all ks ships are back and run by myself, and a trading ship known as [USS/KS} Resurrection is now the memorial ship from the USS fleet and plans to be a large trading ship


  3. The 🍦Clan is being targeted by everyone.
    Because of a guy named Chrona he is a bad person and he has been causing lots of drama through out Drednot.
    The Germany servers are to easy .

    Save the turtle’s SKSKSKSKSKSSKSKSKS


  4. how do i fix the “Too many clients are connected from this address. Close existing connections or try a different server.” issue


  5. When I put together war fleet I didnt have test drednot.io so I was selling pushers really cheap and when it came out it hit me like Michael hit Florida I would like to talk about my fleets plan for a new era in private it used to be HJ with my brother but it was grieved hard so he quit but never the less I’m trying to say that me and my little brother and fairy tail anime will put together the best team of drednot ships ever and if any one wants to join contact me on ether my destroyer or my HQ my destroyer is called {WAR}Destroyer This is coming from {WAR}MOTrs I would like to talk in private about a problem but thank you if you read and plz leave a like to Kendall gray thank him for what he does and support his channel


  6. Can I get an Interview? I have some pretty important news wich no one knows yet but I want to publish them. (Teaser: They are SI and EU related)


    1. Hi Ender. I’m really sorry, we are currently on a break publishing new content on Drednews. However, you will definitely be welcome to have an interview when new content starts going up.


  7. The clan TFS has started to turn on their own members. I, a member of TSF have had my storage ship completely looted, plundered and ultimately destroyed by the second in command and other TFS allies. I will not be leaving as it will put me in the way of more harm, but I encourage the rest of you to stay out. Better me than you.


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